Health & flavour
that’s most important to us


Health & flavour – that’s most important to us
The AmberSad Group was established in 2010 by associating six Pomeranian fruit farms that have been collaborating for years. Now, as a part of a group we have one main goal: to produce high quality, full-flavored fruit.
We stand against excessive fertilization and chemical sprays. We don’t want to produce fruits that will only be pretty. It’s the flavour that gives us real satisfaction and represents all the good nutrients we can find in the fruit. Apples are one of the most healthy fruits. We are doing everything to make this statement true.
Our orchards were founded by our grandparents and we are now the third generation continuing their work. Our farms cover about 100 hectares and we still expand. We permanently learn how to improve our cultivation. Modern storage and sorting facilities help us provide our clients healthy fruits full of flavour throughout the year.

One apple a day keeps the doctor away
An apple is a wealth of nutrients that are beneficial to our body. Cambridge University researchers in 2002 have proven that one apple a day can cut in one fifth the risk of cancer or heart diseases. What is there in an apple that can do so much good?

Pectins – they purify our bodies from toxins, support bowel function, help to maintain correct blood glucose levels, reduce LDL cholesterol

Antioxidants – they protect against atherosclerosis and cancer, strengthen the immune and circulatory systems

Vitamin C – it increases iron absorption, regulates blood pressure, strengthens the blood system and it’s a good antioxidant
Vitamin A – is essential for maintaining proper condition of skin, hair and nails, enables proper growth of bones and teeth, improves our vision

Vitamin E – it is called a vitamin of youth and fertility, strong antioxidant, counteracts the formation of blood clots, promotes proper muscle growth, affects the eyesight, regulates levels of glucose in our blood

Vitamin B1 and B2 – they support the immune and nervous system, protect against diabetes, have anti-inflammatory properties

Minerals – potassium, silicon, iron, calcium, magnesium

Fiber – supports the digestive tract, reduces cholesterol levels in the blood

Our fruits

We are constantly improving and introducing modern cultivation techniques into our orchards that allow us to obtain high yields without excessive use of various types of chemical sprays or fertilizers. Thanks to it, we can offer fruits that meet the high standards of Europeans Union countries, as confirmed by the Global Gap certificates.

The high-class refrigerated chambers in CA (Controlled Atmosphere) and ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) technology allow us to store apples so they do not lose their nutrients. Moreover they enable us to deliver them to our customers through most of the year.

We have a modern line for sorting the fruits that divides them by weight, diameter, color and quality. That’s why we are able to provide our customers with the goods that best suit their needs.

In our offer you will find:
• Sampion
• Gala Must
• Grupa Jonagold
• Gloster
• Elstar
• Delikates
• Elise

From September to March you can buy pears of the recognized variety Conference.

From mid-July to November we deliver different varieties of plums (ex. Empres, President, Rana)

Packaging as desired

We are happy to prepare fruits according to the guidelines of our customers. The most popular packages are:
Carton 40x60x15 cm – holds around 13 kg of apples in bulk or in two layers
Carton 40x60x9 cm – single layer, around 7 kg of apples
WFoil air permeable bags: 1.5 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg or 5 kg
Carton 40x60x40 cm – is used for packing single foil bags with fruits

Please contact us! We will be happy to provide any additional information.
Jak uprawiamy
Jak uprawiamy
Jak uprawiamy


Flavour is health

The most important thing for us is the flavour of the fruit we grow. It’s the guarantee of satisfaction, but also confirms the presence of precious substances that are contained in them. The relationship is simple: a full flavour means a lot of nutrients that provide our body with vitamins and minerals.
In our orchards we use a minimum amount of chemical sprays and rigorously observe all grace periods (the time that must pass from usage of the plant protection product to the time when harvesting is safe). Therefore, we are not afraid to eat our fruit directly from the trees, inviting our friends and their families to do so with us.

We care about our fruits every step of the way

Modern farming techniques
We are constantly improving and introducing modern cultivation techniques into our orchards that allow us to obtain high yields without excessive use of various types of chemical sprays or fertilizers. That’s why we can offer fruits that meet the high standards of Europeans Union countries, as confirmed by the Global Gap certificates.

Proper storage of our harvest
We harvest fruits manually into wooden boxes, which are then transported from the orchards directly to a high class refrigerated chambers in KA (Controlled Atmosphere) and ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) technologies. There they are provided with an excellent storage conditions that enable them to keep all the nutrients for many months.

Sorting fruits – the answer to different needs
The modern fruit sorting line allows them to be divided in terms of weight, diameter, color and quality. That is why we are able to provide our customers with the goods that are suited for their needs.

Wide range of packaging
Our fruits can be prepared any way you wish (we pack into a wide assortment of bags, cartons and trays).



Kochanowskich's orchards

It all started with the dream of Antoni Gurzęda to return to land cultivation in accordance with family traditions. After visiting half of the world in the development of his scientific career (he had PhD in ichtiology and worked in Colombia for years) he founded an apple orchard in a small village Ulkowy, near Gdansk. He called it “Number One”. In the following years, his children joined the family business – twins Marek and Ewa with their families. Daughter, following in the footsteps of her father, first got PhD in microbiology. At present the farm is managed by Michał and Ewa Kochanowski, who enlarged the orchards numbers from the oldest “Number One” to the youngest “Number Five”. They also started to grow plums and cherries in addition to the apple trees. Now they teach their daughter Maja to take over the farm. According to family tradition she has already got her PhD in molecular biology. As you can see, science and orcharding is in their blood. It can be said that they cultivate fruits in scientific manner: “Understanding the processes that take place in the trees that we cultivate and the impact that the external environment has on them, we can adapt our actions to their needs in order to achieve our goal – delicious and healthy fruits”.

Studzinki’s orchards

Anna and Wladyslaw Studzinski came to Kociewie in the 1970s, picking picturesque Miescin as a place of new beginning.

Apple orchard, fulfilled dream started at the initial eight hectares of land in August 1974. Everyday successful work gave lots of satisfaction to those present hosts Wladyslaw and Anna - who then handed over orchard management to their son Andrzej and his wife Małgorzata. The young couple had the love for the land in their blood and in the following years they carefully took care of the inherited orchard. They cultivated already existing habits and developed respect for nature, work and knowledge, each day learning about the processes that take place in apple trees. They were aware of the importance of quality in order to bring out the full flavor and value of their produced fruits. All this has resulted in an enlargement of the area to 30 acres.

In these orchard there is a presence of someone who rejoiced in this work and who gave his heart to it in 2016 - Andrzej Studzinski, the host who loved what he was doing. Since then, Małgorzata Studzinska has taken over the farm, which she currently manages with her sons.

Szudzik’s orchards

The farm was established in the seventies and for many years covered only two hectares of apple orchard. The son of then-host Kazimierz Szudzik decided to pursue a career in banking, but after many years of professional success he wanted to return to the life of the land. At present his son Wojtek takes over the farm. As you can see the passion for life in line with the seasons of the year is moving between generations. Together they increased the farm acreage to seven acres and also began to grow other fruits: pears, raspberries and blueberries. They both say that this is a lifestyle choice that gives them great satisfaction and joy. You can feel that in the fruits which they produce.
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